Ok..I promise not to flood this blog with pictures of yummy food that I gorge on. I plan to post pics related to other stuff as well - but lets all worship food once!

Chocolate Zebra Tortes Delight ---- yum yum yummmyyy! :D ( Rs.40 worth each of bliss )
You can see I'm on my way to attack the 2nd :D

Chocolate Zebra Tortes DelightChocolate Zebra Tortes Delight

Two different kinda patties ---- yum yum yummmyyy! :D ( Rs.30 worth each of bliss / veg+non veg )

monginis puffmonginis puff

Both are Monginis you know where to find them. Hope they pay me for endorsing them! Sigh :|

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Chole Biriyani ---- yum yum yummmyyy! :D ( Rs.30 worth of heaven / half plate )

chole biriyanichole biriyani

There's a small lunch home type restaurant just near a local station, where I got this yummy beauty. I frequent it a lot. They serve lots other food too mainly lunch/dinner type sabjis/gravies/chappatis etc and leaves my mouth watering every time. As long as they keep the prices happy, I'll happily remain their loyal customer :-)


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BOOKS 2013

For most of the year 2013, I was a complete bookworm. Most of the books I received were free for review purpose \YAY / However, some I bought too, via the free flipkart vouchers that I won -- so in a way, free again! \YAY / ( except the chetan bhagat ones, all are new )

book collectionbook reviews

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I'm a KFC maniac. Given a choice I'd love to stay there 24x7. Here are my two favourites that I always end up buying :D ( The whole thing costs around Rs.160 including taxes )

Chicken Rice Bowls --- Yummy!!!!!! ( Rs 79/- + taxes )

kfc rizo ricekfc rizo ricekfc rizo ricekfc rizo ricekfc rizo rice

Fudge Sundae --- aHHH...!!! ( Rs 49/- + taxes )

kfc fudge sundaekfc fudge sundaekfc fudge sundaekfc fudge sundae

What I hated are these --- KFC Chicken Twisters!!!!!! I have no words to describe my hatred for them :x ( Rs 237/- + taxes for a twister meal that has popcorn chicken+pepsi )

kfc popcorn chickenKFC Chicken TwistersKFC Chicken Twisters

BTW, there's a McDonald just near the KFC, so sometimes I hopped off there to have the Strawberry SoftServe as well!!! ( Rs 25/- + taxes )

mc.donalds soft serve

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I am Lazy as lazy can be in the mornings. Well I'm always lazy, but mornings takes the cake. I hate doing anything except sleeping. But when my tummy growls in protest, I do have to feed it. So, this is what mostly goes in early morning :D It looks like some construction labourer's!! That's Murmura, Sev and Coffee :D ( M-Rs.30+S-Rs.70= Rs.100 worth breakfast lasting couple of days )

murmura sev

murmura sevmurmura sev

And some more coffee as I wait for my poor old lappy to start :|

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Had cooked some noodles, but was too lazy to complete it. Instead went out and bought some kheema. Result is of course a hybrid one :-) I added onions, pasta sauce, little soya and vinegar and mixed the kheema with the noodles :D :o Verdict : Eat only if you dare!

keema noodleskeema noodles

So while we are noodling away, lemme also share some authentic hakka that I cooked the other day as well. Chinese food, though I'm not particularly fond of, are quite easy to make and inexpensive too. Hence, I find myself experimenting with noodles most of the times. And yea, they are quite filling too :-) I love the special noodles magic masala that does the trick ;-)

hakka noodleshakka noodleshakka noodleshakka noodles

While experimenting for years now, I've discovered that chinese noodles can be made in many different styles, using various ingredients and every time the noodles can taste different! Whoah!

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Welcome to ND Clicks at ClicksbyND!

I have few cameras lying around, so thought of using them at last ;-)

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