I had ordered these with great hope...they may taste good too for many. But I just realized that, I'm just not a tandoori person. For one, I felt like a wrestler from some akhara eating so much, second, I don't like the burnt taste of tandoor lingering. When I had ordered the chicken, I actually expected it to have gravy. My bad I didn't check in advance, but the whole thing just wouldn't go down my throat. Well don't get me wrong....those who love tandoori khaana will absolutely love it! I just happen to be the wrong person, ordering the wrong food! :o

Bharme Amritsari Kulche Aloo :D ( Rs.50 worth each )

Bharme Amritsari Kulche Aloo

Bhatti da Murga :D ( Rs.160 worth plate )

Bhatti da MurgaBhatti da Murga

Good thing about my order is - I ordered it through cashkaro website, so hopefully I'll get some of the cash I ...eerrr wasted....back :P

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